Ella Freire

I am a London based screen printing artist, I have been working out of my Wimbledon studio for the last 12 years, where I have been inspired by classic cars, vintage cameras and a huge collection of 50's and 60's bus and train tickets, airplane luggage tags and matchbox labels.

Recently, during the lockdown, I had time to delve back in to my large collection of these tickets with their wonderful graphics and simple designs from a by gone era. I had always wanted to do really large prints of these Pan Am luggage tags, which have always appealed to me because of their simplicity and colourful nature.

I have replicated the tags as closely as possible to the originals, including the perforated shape, punched hole and overlaid card, the large labels are printed in very limited editions of only 5 or 10, the smaller tags in collection of 25.