Pan Am License

I am delighted to have been awarded the official Pan Am Brands Merchandising License, to create my nostalgic large format limited edition, art pieces, which have been taken from the original destination luggage tags.

I am really looking forward to working closely with Pan Am Brands, who have taken over the trade name and are focused on developing further brand recognition world wide.

Pan American World Airways known to everyone as Pan Am, the world’s most iconic Airline of the 20th Century.

The Pan Am Brand remains a cultural icon identified by all by its blue globe logo, known as The Blue Meatball. 

The company began in 1927 with its peak being in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Pan Am advertised under the slogan, the ‘World's Most Experienced Airline’. It carried 6.7 million passengers in 1966, and by 1968, its 150 jets flew to 86 countries on every continent .

The airline ceased flying in December 1991, but this iconic brand still epitomises the luxury and glamour for the golden era of travel.

®Pan American World Airways, LLC